PeaceTech - A New Field to Explore

one-day conference at KEA in Copenhagen

Join us April 24th, 2019 in Copenhagen for a one-day conference: ‘PeaceTech: A New Field to Explore’, and engage with tech-companies, NGOs, and research institutions to explore the many opportunities of this exciting, but still unexplored “industry”!  


At the conference, experts, practitioners, and social tech entrepreneurs will walk us through the current trends on how the strategic use of technology can accelerate, improve and scale conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts, providing major gains and innovation possibilities to the entrepreneurs and companies that engage in the field.


Some of the themes to be explored at the PeaceTech conference:


Innovation & Technology in UN Peacebuilding - Former General Major Ib Bager


Engineering through a Peacebuilding Lens - Jerry McCann from BuildUp


How to work with PeaceTech in real life - showcases by a number of national and international for-profit and not-for-profit organizations


How can you work with PeaceTech as a new industry/field of work?


A detailed program with workshops will be released on primo April 2019.


The different themes will underline both the entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities and obstacles. The conference brings together a wide range of stakeholders, and besides providing new insights and knowledge, there will be great opportunities for networking and building relations across academia, industry and the humanitarian sector.



Follow the live-stream here:

Keynote Speakers

Jerry will be sharing his life’s work turning his engineering background and experiences into a valuable peacebuilding competence. He will share how engineering through a peacebuilding lens can lead to solutions of positive and peaceful impact around the world. 


Ib has in his almost 40-years of service had an extraordinary mixture of traditional soldiering and technological innovation, which let him to be chosen as one of the co-authors to the Expert Panel on Technological Innovation in UN Peacekeeping.

Major General (ret.)


Workshops to Join

What can CSOs learn from Design Thinking Processes and Agile Project Management in their development programming? (Kirk, Hatch & Bloom Design Company)


Innovation in connecting with communities for stronger participation, inclusiveness and effectiveness of peacebuilding and conflict mediation (Upinion)


Online propaganda / Fake News - Danmission & MIDO


Student Hackaton (Project Lab, Oxfam Ibis)


AI for good (Microsoft)


Innovative methods for dialogue, co-creation and communication (StoryLab) (Confirmed)


And more...

PeaceTech Hackathon