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GLØD Lanterns is a newly founded start-up that aims to create memorable summer experiences through interactive lights. They have invented an innovative power driven lantern specifically designed for music festivals and outdoor social gatherings.


"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress,  you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying"  Victor, Nicholas & Mads // Co-founders 




VÅGA is a certification for venues and organizers in the entertainment industry that take social responsibility. VÅGÅ helps venues train their personnel and update their internal structures thereby being able to prevent and handle sexual harassment, discrimination and other challenges.

"We've had a great time as part of Ignite and would love to be part of the "Wall of Fame"  we work hard daily with our startup and fight for it to launch and help make the world a better place." 


"We had a great time as part of the Ignite Program and grew so much not only as an organisation but also personally. We kept being inspired to challenge ourselves and try new ways as we developed with the help of mentors and coaches while side by side with other passionate startups in the program". -  Christian Boysen // Founder 






Green entrepreneurs, Christian Cordius & Jacques Nørbo started Banana Cph in 2017. Banana is an organic, sugar-free, vegan ice-cream-concept inspired by the Hawaiian Island. Today they are serving hundreds of people daily in Torvehallerne, being present at festivals, fairs and events .

"As green entrepreneurs, Ignite was an important tool in our process of getting our business, Banana Cph up and running. Understanding how to transform the knowledge from KEA into practice was a difficult process for us, but here Ignite was a great help. Especially a big thanks to Gunnar Nåesmand, for knocking us through hard but important workshops in order to work better together, communicate as a unit and to execute on selected tasks​." 

- Christian & Jacques // Founders

"The food industry is constantly evolving. As the population grows globally, solutions and methods are needed to enable us to consume more efficiently and responsibly. It is not just the politicians' responsibility to change the bad habits created by an unruly consumer society. It is also companies and private persons who must show the way, and we hope that Banana can be an example of the great value in what we already have.” - Christian & Jacques // Founders



Trebo has developed a technology that addresses a major challenge within plastic recycling - sorting / separating mixed plastics. Our technology can separate all blends as soon as the smallest density difference exists, resulting in a significant increase in recycling rates among, among others, recycling companies. We are now developing a fully automated machine that can be sold or leased to plastic recycling companies or plastic manufacturing companies


"In the Ignite process, we have become aware of the importance of creating a strong team around one's business, both in terms of competencies and dynamics".




Allumen is a company that develops sustainable products containing millions of microscopic algae. The algae naturally glow in the dark in a fascinating phenomenon called bioluminescence. Our vision is to develop sustainable alternatives for light in the future, but meanwhile we provide educational kits for primary schools and AlgaeLamps for entertainment.


"We need to find a new and sustainable light source that does not require electricity and I believe we will find it in Nature". Kristian Ejlsted  // Founder & CEO


Nordic Adorn


Nordic Adorn

Nordic Adorn is an exclusive and timeless universe combining colourful nature with feminine aesthetic, in a selection of fine jewellery for women. The company is located in Copenhagen and founded by Jewellery Designer Sophia Slot in 2017.  


In the process of creating the Nordic Adorn universe, Sophia finds inspiration in the Scandinavian nature, where she interprets colours, natural elements, atmospheres and feelings. With Nordic Adorn, Sophia seeks to inspire women to make a statement about who they are, and express their personality through jewellery.


"Ignite helped me believe in my business idea. I learned new tool to structure and

develop my idea." - Sophia Slot // Founder

the edibles


The edibles are developing straws that are edible, biodegradable and cost-effective. Yup, you can now eat your straws! They want consumers to enjoy sipping on their beverage while being kinder to the environment. These straws also come in different flavors to improve their consumption experience. 

"Ignite was a fantastic experience where I got direct one-on-one support and was able to track our progress".  - Divya Mohan // Founder

The edibles

Alps & newtons


Alps & Newton will produce skis where the rigidity and structure would change depending on skiing conditions. The skis would be ideal for twisty skiing on a slushed snow also at high-speed skiing on hard snow. To achieve this, they will incorporate non-Newtonian polymer inside the skis. They will have different types of skis in one pair of smarter ski and improve the skiing experience!


"Network, network and more network -  you never know who you meet!" 

- Kim Laczek // Founder & Ceo

Alps & Newton



The studio focuses on Urban Design and Architecture. They combine traditional architectural crafts with modern technology in order to create great design for people. 


“Our studies helped use to get proficiency in our field but still we didn’t exactly now how to start a company. Ignite helped us on our way from the first ideas to actually becoming a registered company.”  -Fredrik Furrer & Martynas Sinkevičius // Co-Founders





Recombiotics is a small company that develops laboratory automation equipment for the biotech industry. They strive to minimize the time biotechnologists need in the laboratory. In addition, thier machines also increase the precision of their work. So the researchers can get better results with less manual work.

Their first product is a sensor that can measure the biomass in shake flasks.
This product will be able to automate most growth measurements and save researchers for many hours of work and increase the accuracy of their measurements at the same time.


"Ignite was useful to us as it challenged us to ask some important critical questions about our product and our business model. It is possible that these issues would have been posed too late and therefore could have cost us dearly if we had not been in ignite". 

- Vilhelm Krarup Møller // Ceo 




TransSense makes assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired.Our product delivers spatial awareness, way finding and object detection features for ergonomic use.The goal is to make an easier living for our users. - Ignite related quote

"The Ignite program helped us trim and improve our pitch and other general business flavors.... Along that we also got a new team member... so that was great".

- Andreas, Emil og Allan




AUGIT Solutions utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) to eliminate blind spots in larger vehicles; Drivers are equipped with a pair of AR glasses that enables them to ‘see through’ the truck, meaning that the truck will seem transparent in affected areas.

"The Ignite programme has been a great asset in order to mature the business aspects of our start-up through fruitful discussions with professionals as well as like minded entrepreneurial spirits. A key element throughout the programme was networking which was both beneficial for the start-up during the period but is valued even more after completion as the relations are something that keep strengthen the company, us as individuals and as a team".

- Dan, Thomas og Tanja




Is a curated recycling garment with a focus on quality and aesthetics. Each piece of clothing is handpicked individually by designer and founder, Julie Blyitgen, and reunited in current and unique collections.


The course Ignite at KEA has meant great development and progress for WELLHONESTPREOWNED. During the process, I have met great support from other entrepreneurs and mentors that I have met along the way. I have been challenged to take decisive steps and decisions that have been of great importance to the WHP, but also to me as an entrepreneur.


"Remember why you started" 

"network cannot be valued - network, network, network!!!"

- Julie Blyitgen // Founder 





Helps conscious consumers who want to re-define their conventional diet without compromising their taste preferences, by providing them with a plant-based ingredient mix in a powder format to produce a plant-based cheese at home out of their legumes’ food waste. 


"Multidisciplinary, lovely people filled our meetings with brilliant ideas and nice conversations. It was a spherical introduction into the entrepreneurial world, where the “torch” of some start-ups was as a matter of fact “ignited” as it was meant to be!"

- Panagiota Dima

Freja løwe


Freja Løwe

Freja Løwe creates plant dyed textiles for the body and home, where Scandinavian aesthetics meet traditional Balinese textile traditions. The brand was founded as an antidote to the fast paced fashion industry, and seeks to reestablish our connection to nature through natural dyes, fabrics and handmade elements. 


"The ignite program gave me some helpful tools to look at my business from new perspectives. The support from mentors and other entrepreneurs gave me even more confidence in my business, and it was great to discuss the different stages of starting a business with likeminded people".  - Freja Loewe / Founder

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