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Scheelevägen 15 (Ideon Agora Alfa 4), 223 63

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DTU Skylab

Diplomvej, bygning 373A, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

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Guldbergsgade 29N 
2200 København N 
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Lotta Jin Hwa Salling
Project Manager 
T. +45 61 30 03 97
Mikkel Langer 
Comunications manager
T. +45 20 36 31 66
Team Members


Advisory Board

To support our quest toward better conditions and prerequisites for student entrepreneurs we’ve gathered an impressive group of entrepreneurial experts from both Sweden and Denmark. Together they form our Advisory Board:   

Lottie Norrsén (Chairperson)

International Communication Officer at the Department of Business Administration at Lund University


Bente Rugaard Thorsen

Secretarial and Development Manager at CAPNOVA


Karsten Deppert

Co-founder, E-commerce Park of Sweden, Mindpark Helsingborg, Øresund Startup News


Jakob Axel Bejbro Andersen

CEO, MASH Biotech, M.Sc.Eng., PhD

Linus Wiebe

Head of office at LU Innovation


Louise Ferslev

CEO & Founder, MYMONII


Nynne Budtz Christiansen

Head of co-learning at Pier47 at Rainmaking Loft Copenhagen


Pernille Berg, Fil. Dr.

Head of Research, Analysis & Higher Education


Ruth Irene Strøm  

Chief Consultant at Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland)


Sidsel Hougaard

Program Officer at Innovation Fund Denmark


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