The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship 

In order to promote entrepreneurship as a career path, The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship offers a series of micro grants to students at a higher education in Denmark.


InnoOverblik is a single-point-of-entry platform that aims to create a better overview of the Danish startup ecosystem. Hereby entrepreneurs and startups can easily navigate through the ecosystem jungle and identify the most relevant initiatives.



The InnovationFund Denmark’s one-year incubator programme InnoFounder, offers advising and funding for new graduates from Danish higher education institutions. InnoFounder targets early-stage startups with scalable innovative ideas and a clear market potential in all fields of business.

InnoFounder (DK)


Leapfrogs is an initiative from LU Innovation and available for students at Lund University, Malmö University, Kristianstad University and Blekinge Institute of Technology.Leapfrogs gives financial support, business development and workshops to student entrepreneurs so they can test and develop their business idea.

Leapfrogs (SE)

The Hub

HIP / Vaeksthus Copenhagen

HIP’s website provides knowledge, tools and video instructions for all entrepreneurs in Copenhagen and the Capital Region. In addition they offer workshops, individual 1:1 sparring with entrepreneurial consultants and tailor made entrepreneurial-packages. Selected workshops are also available in English for


InnoFounder (DK)

Øresund Startups aim is to enable a better community for startups and entrepreneurs in the Øresund region and therefore mainly focus on startups in Copenhagen, Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg. In addition to offering co-working spaces, they are also listing events and reporting on news and information of interest for startups.  

#CPHFTW is a grass-roots and non-profit organization representing and working for the tech startups in Denmark and the Öresund Region. In close collaboration with startups, #CPHFTW facilitates various initiatives in an effort to improve the entire startup community in Greater Copenhagen and make it one of the best places in the world to grow a tech startup.

InnoOverblik (DK)

Startup Village

Startup Village is a physical hub of 14,000 sq m, spread over four adjacent former warehouses and two office buildings in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. It is dedicated to serious tech startups and consists of internationally minded entrepreneurs and high growth businesses.

LU’s Steen K. Johnson Centre

The Hub lets you browse among 1000+ Nordic startup jobs in order to find a job you love. You can apply privately and match up with a startup or use their ‘Funding matching tool’ to find out which investor is right for you own startup. The Hub’s website also has a number of templates, guides and list of events to help your startup grow.

Leapfrogs (SE)

TAG -Talent Garden


TAG -Talent Garden Rainmaking is a co-working space, that wish to support tech startups by providing them with a highly inspiring work environment, where they can seek advice from more experienced fellow residents, find suitable investors or pursue a new foreign market. The physical workspace on Holmen is part of a family that consists of more than 20 Talent Garden campuses across Europe.

Founders House is a shared workspace community for selected, ambitious and scalable tech companies. They offer both private offices, tables in open and semi-open coworking spaces and flex memberships. In addition to office spaces they also offer events such as workshops, seminars, meetups, parties ect. Founders House is located in Startup Village, which they co-founded in 2014.

Øresund Startups (SE/DK)

Ladies First is an inspiration network for entrepreneurial women, who want to create new, strong relationships to the like-minded and thereby expand their network and develop themselves. In addition to the open online network, Ladies First also offers a number of closed networking events where smaller groups meet over a period of approx. 5 months.

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurs with the tools to create their own future. The center does this through research and education. At their website you can find news about entrepreneurship education and research, as well as a range of network activities such as workshops, fairs, conferences, award ceremonies and more.


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